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Kagaay Pathbreakers 2020 is our humble yet earnest attempt to identify and recognize emerging leadership in 21 identified sectors across India. It is designed to recognize Sustained & Exceptional performances in 21 Different sectors of life & to highlight the importance of Innovation, Hard work & Persistence. With Kagaay Pathbreakers, We are on a mission to motivate achievers to achieve more, give a lighted path to people who are in the process of reaching to their destination and spread positivity all over India.
As a country, we are cruising through difficult times because of a global pandemic. However, there have been exemplary stories of people who stood as an epitome of courage and determination, and navigated themselves, their teams and organisations to success despite the odds. They are our real heroes. The Pathbreakers. ship.
They say “The struggle is real.” We say, Happiness follows who struggle. It’s time, we recognise their efforts. It’s time, we celebrate invincibility of human spirit. It’s time we celebrate life.

Panel Of Advisories

Santosh G CIMSME

Santosh G.

Director, CIMSME
Nabomita Ma'am CIMSME

Nabomita Mazumdar

National Chairperson for CIMSME

Praful Nikam

Y4D Foundation President
swapna (1)

Swapna More

State Chairperson for CIMSME, Maharashtra, Goa

Anjana Mascarenhas

Director DIVA Pageants
Shweta Shalini

Shweta Shalini

Official spokesperson to BJP, Advisory to former Chief Minister, Maharashtra
nandkishore chaudhri

Mr. NandKishore Chaudhary

Chairman & Managing Director of Jaipur Rugs
Harish Iyer1

Harish Iyer

Indian Human Rights Activists, Founder - The Jimmie Foundation
Gaurav Bansal

Gaurav Bansal

Founder & CEO - Hundred Plus
Sukhendra -headshot

Sukhendra Reddy

Founder & CEO - Forbes 30 Under 30
Vinit jain

Vinit Jain

Tech Entrepreneur Startup Incubation : Techinnovadors

1000 Achievers from 21 Different Sectors. We believe in your struggle.

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