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Realtors - Escalate sales of your dream property.
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Sales Enablement

Unlike other discovery platforms, Kāgaay is a Real Estate app with a centralized focus on pulling in sales and aiming for faster asset liquidation. Also, with some internally available advertising options, developers can market their properties too, seamlessly.

The Vast Exposure

Are you a new entrant who wants to buy a property or an existing competitor wanting to market their properties to potential consumers? We as a property search platform have solutions for both buying and selling properties. Kagaay connects you with a genuine and huge number of buyers ensuring easy and speedy sales.

Digital Ease

Kāgaay being a Real Estate platform, shreds down the hassles involved in the procedure of home-buying and offers virtual processes right from exploring to the final payment. Also, digitalization ensures utmost transparency with no human or middlemen intervention.

The Exclusive Purchase Options

Apart from plenty of options, buyers can also benefit from Draw of Lots, Flash Sales, and E-auctions to secure the best-chosen property at their dream price, while minimizing the tediousness of the property buying process.
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All Under One Roof

Property Need could be any. Hence, we have covered it all.
We cater to all that a buyer might want and would be interested to invest in.



Invest your hard-earned pennies in your dream house at an unexpected and discounted price. Find properties and every minuscule detail about it only on the best property search platform- Kagaay.


Buy any commercial properties, offices, retail spaces, as well as shops that provide value for your money and fit your budget.


Invest in some of the productive lands through Kagaay to generate and cherish passive income, high returns, and large profit margins or build your dream home on it. A win-win everywhere.

Kagaay Hai Toh Mumkin Hai

Sales Enablement requires patience and a major share of time for driving in serious, genuine, and prospective buyers. Hence, after understanding the behavioral pattern of customers, we are introducing and conducting timely discounted campaigns for pulling attraction faster, and speeding up the process of sales.

  • Draw of Lots

    The draw of Lots is one of the gamified events that let users know about the available Real Estate at a targeted location. They can further invest in any of the properties at an unexpected price without falling short on budget.

  • Flash Sales

    Flash Sale is a one-time Real Estate event that involves a large number of audiences to come and explore the availability, and purchase the exclusive property options at an unexpected and discounted price.

  • E-Auctions

    Auctions connect Real Estate developers directly to their target consumers, and also the competitors who are aiming at competitive bidding for selling their dream properties faster. This virtual bidding makes the targeting and reach easier.

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